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We am so happy you are here! The SO & SO Life is the blog extension of our small business, SO and SO Enterprises. Steve and I welcome you and invite you to visit often as we blog about Self Care, Time Management, and Recipes.

About Us

Steve and I got married in November 2016. It was a short engagement, this is not the first marriage for either of us, so when we realized we were meant for each other we decided not to wait. We’ve had our ups and downs like any couple but we are very happy.

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Leaving our wedding!

In 2018 we moved from the busy DFW metroplex to a farm in Decatur, Texas. WE LOVE IT HERE! It is quiet and beautiful. We have no desire to move back to the city.

We have a small flock of 5 chickens, a dog, a cat, and a donkey. The donkey is like a giant dog, so sweet!

We rent the original 100 year old farm house on about 3/4 of an acre within a 300 acre ranch. We have unlimited access to all 300 acres including 2 ponds and lots of trails. The owners keep cows, horses, and a llama. It is amazing how walking among the animals brings a peace and calmness to my soul. They are fantastic therapy.

Self Care

Self Care is my passion. The older I get the more I realize how important self care is. Always being one to want to care for others, I often found myself used up. For a while I would do better, then I would start putting others ahead of myself to the point of my own detriment.

That had to stop!

I have committed to daily self care and want to share my tips and strategies with you! This is SO important! You can not help others if you are empty. It is not selfish to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Find my Self Care posts here.

You can also join my private Facebook group Self Care Through Mindfulness.

Time Management

Time management needed!

Adult ADHD, it’s a real thing, and I probably have it! Haha! My mind can go in 20 different directions to the point I feel like I don’t get anything done.

For example, some days I can clean the house in less than two hours and other times it takes me six. It’s not that the house is that much messier, it’s that I don’t focus on a task until it is complete. Does this happen to you?

Moving to the country included some big changes. One of them being commute time. It now takes me 45 minutes to an hour to commute to my full-time job. This meant I had to get my morning routine in check and manage my time!

Check out all of my Time Management tricks.


Steve and I both enjoy cooking! We create some great recipes on a whim. We look at what we have in the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry then start throwing things together. To be completely honest, it doesn’t always work out great but most of the time it does.

The challenge is keeping track of what we did! I have gotten better at making notes and taking pictures along the way. After all, notes can be thrown away and pictures deleted if we don’t like the outcome.

Pictures of our creations are the first thing to appear online. They go first to Instagram. Follow us to see them!

Click here for our recipes!

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