Gifts for Yoga

Gifts for Yoga Practice

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Are you looking for a gift for that special someone in your life that practices yoga as part of their self care? This post will help you find that perfect gift!

Many times the people in lives of someone that practices yoga have no idea what to get them to enhance their yoga practice. I hope that the information provided in this post will help and allow you some insight to the tools available to enrich the yoga practice of the practitioner.

Yoga Mat

The most obvious tool needed is a good yoga mat. These come in many varieties costing from $13 and up. If the practitioner in your life works out on a hard floor, a thicker mat is more comfortable. A thinner mat is just fine if working on carpet.

Mats are made of non-slip material which is essential when doing yoga. Slipping during a pose can cause serious injury. Safety in yoga is as important as in any physical activity.

There are mats that have markings to help the practitioner position themselves for poses. These are very helpful for beginners.

Check out my picks below or shop all yoga mats here.

Yoga Tools

Using a tool enhances the positive experience of yoga. Tools help a person achieve a position or stretch. They offer safety from injury and allow for the full benefit of a pose.

Some tools to consider are a yoga block and a yoga strap.

A yoga block offers stability, improving the balance of the user and allows for confidence in holding a challenging pose. You can view different blocks here or check out the blocks below.

Another handy tool is a yoga strap. A yoga strap allows a stretch to be held longer and the user to achieve a deeper stretch.

A yoga strap is another great gift for a beginner.

You can shop all yoga straps here.

These are all less that $10!

Yoga Accessories

There are also accessories for the yoga practitioner. These include gloves, socks, pants, towels, bags. All the “little things” that make practicing yoga just a tad bit easier. These would make great stocking stuffers!


Gloves prevent sweaty palms from slipping on the mat.


Socks have no-slip soles to prevent slipping.


Yoga pants allow for free movement and modesty.


Gotta keep those hands and brow dry!

Water Bottle

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Yoga for Self Care

Yoga is a fantastic way to practice self care. Encourage someone to practice self care by gifting them yoga workout equipment. Get the equipment for yourself and practice with them!

You can find all my posts on self care here.

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