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Commit to Self Care in the New Year!

You are worth it!

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season coupled with the stress of a pandemic it is easy to forget or neglect your self care. Commit to self care in the new year and make the change for a better you!

We all know life can get in the way of the best of intentions. The best we can do is start each day fresh. Every day is an opportunity to improve and do something we meant to do yesterday. Don’t let one missed day make you quit. Set a goal of self care this year and work towards it a little at a time and you will be amazed at how much better you feel and how your outlook and attitude improve.

commit to self care

Determine what self care looks like for YOU!

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to self care. We are individuals and our self care is as diverse as each of us. Sometimes it can look similar to someone else and it is great to share our self care tasks with others but remember, what is self care for one may be stressful for another.

Share your ideas with someone close to you and listen to their thoughts then tweak everything to yourself. Commit to self care and find like minded people to encourage you and hold you accountable. (Facebook groups are great for this.) Join my group here.

Download a sample of my Self Care journal to get you started.

Put yourself on your calendar and To-Do List!

Forming new, positive habits can be a challenge. You have to commit to the activity consistently for weeks to make it a habit. When you daily remind yourself through your calendar and To-Do List it makes it easier to hold yourself accountable.

commit to self care

What is Self Care for you?

The first thing you need to do is identify self care for you. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, soda, or other beverage, your phone, tablet, or pencil and paper and start brainstorming. Set a timer for 10 minutes and think about what activities bring you peace and make you feel centered. Write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind. These are ideas, you can make choices later.

You can read my post on what Self Care Looks Like here.


The next thing to do is choose a time of day to commit to self care.

Are you an early riser? Can you devote 10-15 minutes first thing in the morning to your self care?

Are you night owl? Do you want to commit to self care 10-15 minutes just before bed?

Do you need to commit to self care before you pick the kids up from school? While the little one is taking a nap?

Identify the time of day that will allow you to consistently commit to your self care routine. Put it on your calendar/To-Do List so it gets done.

self care calendar

Next, choose what you will do.

You can choose one or more activities. Whatever you choose, be sure it brings you peace, centers you, and calms your mind and soul.

You take better care of others when you take care of yourself. Commit to self care this year and see what happens!

Self Care Ideas

    • Work on a hobby
    • Reading
    • Hot bath
    • Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Take a walk
    • Running
    • Exercise
    • Dance
    • Watch TV
    • Color
    • Journal
    • Counseling (online counseling services)

Download a sample of my Self Care journal to get you started.

Apps for Self Care:

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