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Mindful Self Care

Are you busy? Are you forgetting to take care of yourself? Can you recognize the signs that you need to slow down and do something for you? Practice mindful self care and see the benefits! A calmer, happier you. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it is essential.

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What do you enjoy doing that you don’t take time for?

Sometimes I have trouble making time to enjoy the things I love. I get anxious about all the things I need to do instead of living in the moment. Taking just one minute to be mindful can change your perspective and rejuvenate you.

For example, look outside and find something to appreciate. Take a few deep breaths and allow nature to soothe you.

birds in tree
Lots of birds in the tree on this snowy morning.

Do you have trouble living in the moment?

Take a few minutes and make a list of things that bring you joy. Set a goal to intentionally spend a few moments every day doing something on your list for mindful self care.

Self Care is not Selfish

You can’t take care of the people or things around you if you don’t take care of yourself. Why, I wonder, do we forget that wisdom sometimes?

Self care is not selfish.

Mindfulness can look different for everyone. A co-worker of mine practices meditation. Additionally, yoga is a way to practice mindful self care. It causes you to focus on your breathing and it’s good for your body, too. Journaling is a way to mindfully reflect on the day or events. Writing is very therapeutic, just getting the thoughts out of your head aids in releasing stress and anxiety.

Start Today

What can you today to be more mindful? Planning your self care in advance is a great way to be sure that it gets done. Put YOU on your To-Do List.

If you find yourself feeling anxious during the day, that’s a great time to practice mindful self care. Your mind it telling you it needs time to refocus and recover.

Take time to refocus.

Different for everyone

Remember that this mindful self care journey will look different for everyone. The key is to find what works for you and utilize that method to take care of your mental health.

Try a sample of my downloadable journal which takes you through the steps of setting your intentions, listing what methods of self-care benefits you, and reflecting each day over what worked. Subscribe to get the complete journal and access to my Resource Library.

I hope you will join me in the quest for mindful self care!

self care is a sign of strength

Become better at practicing self care through mindfulness. After all, self care is a sign of strength.

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