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A Saturday on the Farm

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Today’s weather was beautiful. After a chilly, windy, and rainy spring break week, today was the perfect day to get outside. It was a perfect Saturday on the farm.

After housework and outside chores, which included some planting and coaxing both guinea fowl out of the chicken run, Snoopy and I took a walk to the pond and back.

saturday on the farm

It’s about a mile from the house to the big pond on the property. We explored a beautiful spot just behind the dam. It was still somewhat muddy from the storms earlier in the week since it sits lower than the surrounding property.

It was so peaceful! All I could hear was the water running and the birds singing.

saturday on the farm

We sat by the pond for a little while enjoying the sounds of nature.

saturday on the farm

Snoopy likes to fetch sticks from the pond. It’s pretty funny, he likes to play in the water but only as long as he can walk, not swim. Weird dog! He fished several out today but I guess this one was his favorite.

I love living on this property. We can hike, enjoy nature, and listen to the sounds of the pond all within walking distance of the comforts of home.

Here are a few more pictures from a perfect Saturday on the farm.

Come out, come out!

They were unsure about the leaving the safety of the run. Once they discovered that they could roam anywhere, they had no interest in returning.


They are out and enjoying the freedom. They are funny birds, they know their names and come when called.

Raising guinea fowl isn’t for everyone, they do make a lot of noise, but I enjoy it. Have you ever heard a guinea fowl?

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