talking to your partner about self care

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Have You Talked to Your Partner about Self Care?

Have you talked to your partner about your self care needs? Talking to your partner is an important step to establishing a self care routine. They need to understand what you need so they can support you.

What do you need?

Why you should talk to your partner

Any healthy relationship is bound to fall into a comfortable routine with each party becoming responsible for daily tasks. While this is to be expected, sometimes we find ourselves lost and needing something for ourselves. 

While it can be easy to settle into routine don’t ignore the fact that change is good. When you find yourself lost in the day-to-day, take some time to evaluate what you need to increase your self love through self care.

Change is good

Once you have some ideas, sit down with your partner and have a conversation. Explain what you need and ask them to support you in finding the time to practice  more self care. They may find that they too can benefit from some “me time”. 

In a healthy relationship, partners strive to understand and support each other. Life can cause us to always be busy so don’t expect your partner to read your mind, talk to them.

talk to your partner

When you start to feel overwhelmed with day-to-to things, TALK to you partner! In a household things get added to our plate almost with us realizing it. When this becomes a problem, share your feelings with your partner so they can help you. This may be difficult for those of use who are “control freaks” (I include myself in that description) but allowing someone who loves you to take on a task can bring you closer. Your partner may just need to know you feel overwhelmed to gladly remove something from your plate.

The point is, you have to communicate. You choose to live your life with this person, let them support you in your self care.


Benefits of talking to your partner about self care

Once you have expressed your self care needs to your partner, they can help hold you accountable for practicing self care. They should come to recognize when you have skipped it or need to take time for yourself. 

Part of a healthy relationship is knowing what your partner needs and recognizing when they need it. My husband and I do this for each other. He can usually recognize when I need to take time for myself faster than I do, and vice versa.

Communication brings people together. Talk to partner, let them help you.

There is no shame in asking for help!

Self Care Together

Talk to your partner about things you enjoy doing together! Spending quality time with someone you love is a form of self care. Have planned date night, have a favorite spontaneous activity. 

talking to your partner about self care

For example, we don’t cook on Fridays, we go somewhere to eat, even if it’s a drive-through.

Our favorite spontaneous activity is to go to the casino. Sometimes we jump on the motorcycle and just ride. The point is to find something to get away from the daily stresses of life, together.

To – Do List

    • What are your self care needs?
    • How can your partner help you?
    • What self care can you do together?
    • Activity ideas
    • Schedule a time to talk

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I truly hope you will make the time to talk to your partner about self care. It will benefit you both as well as your relationship.

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