Host a successful party with a checklist

Host a Successful Party!

I love hosting a party! Here is my secret to how to host a successful party with my printable checklist.

A successful party or gathering of family and friends is a great sense of accomplishment. I always start by making a list. Click here to get a printer friendly copy. Whether it’s a last minute get-together or a gathering planned well in advance, my checklist prevents me from becoming overwhelmed. I know some of the things on the list seem obvious but let me tell you, I have forgotten something off the list and it was a scramble to fix! Hosting should be fun, not stressful!

How to host a successful party with my printable checklist.

Phase 1

  • Venue – where are you gathering? Your home, a park, a banquet/fellowship hall, a restaurant. This needs to be decided first so everything else can be planned accordingly
  • Guest list – who is coming? You need a rough estimate of the number of people you will be entertaining.
  • Invitations – This depends on the  type of party I’m planning. A day or evening at our house; a holiday gathering at our house; a graduation or other big celebration. I believe that a casual gathering just to visit does not require formal written invitations. In this digital age, a text message or email will work. However if it is a celebration or holiday a written invitation is appropriate and usually appreciated by most, especially if I am inviting members of an older generation. Written invitations imply that the person’s presence is important enough to me to take the time to write (or print) and mail an invitation. Mailed invitations should be mailed so that they are received approximately three weeks prior to the event.

Phase 2

  • Menu – BIG decision! Are you preparing all the food yourself? Is it a potluck occasion? Are you ordering food and picking it to serve yourself or are you having it catered? Hot or cold foods? Is what your serving intended to be a meal or just appetizers and snacks? Are there special diet concerns? One thing I like to do save money is, instead of ordering trays of sandwiches or meat and cheese, veggies, and fruits is to make my own. This can cut the cost in half! It takes time and planning but I always take pride in the fact that I put it together myself. BTW, there is nothing wrong in taking pride in planning and executing a successful party. We will go into more detail about planning the menu later.
  • Serving supplies – once you have your menu started it’s time to think about what kind of serve wear you need. Plates, will one size work or do you need dinner and dessert plates, same with napkins. Do you need plastics wear of is everything eatable with fingers? Don’t forget you will need serving utensils. I like to get mine at a local dollar store, tongs, big spoons, dessert servers, ladles (punch). I even get my serving trays there. Don’t forget the table cloths! ( I have and it was a scramble to the store last minute, not fun.)
Phase 3
  • Tables and chairs – do you have enough? Do you need to borrow or rent some? If a good portion of time will be spent outdoors ask your guests to bring a lawn chair.
  • Decorations – what is the occasion? Do you need them? Decide what you want and look at dollar stores or online for the best prices. Remember if you are ordering online to allow time for shipping.
  • ICE – don’t forget the ice!
Enjoy your party!

If you have a close friend to bounce ideas off of it helps. I brainstorm with my sister!

Who can you brainstorm with? What type of party are going to plan next?

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  1. I agree, lists are critical when planning a party. I have a list for practically everything I do. It’s good also to start with a list that has everything on it, that way nothing is ever forgotten and then you just omit items from the list that will not be used for that particular occasion.

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