Guinea Fowl on the loose!

It’s time to let our guinea fowl free range. We have two and they are about four months old. We have raised them with our chickens and they have all been in the coop together.

Two of our nieces are staying with us for spring break and I am glad they were here to help me coax the male guinea out of the run. We tried to get the female to leave but she wasn’t interested. She finally went back inside with the chickens and we got the male out of the run. It was hilarious!

He squawked the entire time like he was getting away with something! He tried to fly a couple of times but didn’t get too far off the ground, I was surprised at that. It was almost like he didn’t realize he could fly.

He ran around the coop and the run. He did run across the yard once or twice and squawked at the dog that was tied up for the experiment.It was quite entertaining.

I love living in the country. Where else could you laugh at a guinea running around the yard squawking without neighbors complaining.

Maybe the guinea aren’t quite ready to free range since he didn’t try flying around. What do you think? Is it too soon?

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