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Never Be Late for Work AGAIN!

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“Good mornings are key to good days.”

Who doesn’t hate running late for work? It’s stressful, can be dangerous, and a horrible way to start the day. Never be late for work again by using a morning routine planner. Get mine by subscribing to get access to free Resources Library!

Not being a morning person by nature, but hate being late, I have learned to embrace the morning by creating some quiet time for myself. I enjoy sitting on the couch, drinking my coffee, and watching the news. Sometimes, when the weather is nice, I will sit on the porch and enjoy nature as it awakens. This allows me to ease into my day on my terms, not the clock’s.

Never be late for work

I allow myself at least 20 minutes of quiet time each day. I drink my coffee, scroll social media, check my email, and review my calendar so I am ready for what awaits me outside the comforts of home.


This time of day is important to my mindset for the day. If I miss out on it for some reason, my whole day seems “off”.

Like I said, I am not a morning person by nature, so I had to learn how to make this happen. I used to be a person that got up in barely enough time to get myself and my daughter out the door. I hated those mornings when we would argue (she is definitely not a morning person). I had to figure something out. Mindset by Carol S. Dweck was a game changer for me.

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It has taken me years to come to the realization that I would rather give up 20 minutes of sleep for 20 minutes of “me” time to start my day off right. My daughter is grown now, I bet she wishes I had figured this out years ago. LOL

Make a Plan

The snooze button on my alarm is still my friend, but I plan for it. I am going to share my morning routine with you as an example of managing time so that you will never be late for work again.

As I state on my About Me page, we recently moved to the country. This increased my commute time from 20 minutes to 50 minutes. I had to adjust, but since I already had a routine, I just had to start 30 minutes earlier. Living here is worth it!

Plan your Routine

Commute time is this the first thing to consider when developing your morning routine.

Google is awesome for helping with this. I like to arrive 10 minutes or so early so I have time to put down my purse and boot up my computer before being officially “on” for the work day. This requires me to leave home at 6:45 a.m.

Never be late for work

Once you decide what time you need to leave home to arrive at work when you need/want to, work backward from there.

My alarm goes off at 4:55 a.m. I press snooze then roll out of bed at 5:05 a.m. By the time I stop in the bathroom and make my first cup of coffee it’s about 5:15 when I turn on the news and land on the couch to enjoy that first cup.

Get Moving

At 5:35 a.m. it’s time to head back to the kitchen to get my second cup of coffee then back to the bathroom to get presentable for the day. You know, hair, make-up, etc. I shower at night so I don’t have to incorporate that into my morning routine. If you prefer to shower in the morning, add the time it takes to your routine.

I emerge at 6:05 a.m. and tell the hubby it’s time to get up and for me to get dressed. I plan my attire while I am doing my make-up and hair so I have a plan when I get to the closet. Then it’s on to the kitchen for the next phase of my morning routine.

Meal Prep

We both take our breakfast and lunch to work with us so food prep and packing is next. I allow 20 minutes for this.

Then it’s 10 minutes outside taking care of my chickens. They get some scratch each morning and I open up the coop as well as check their water. I also throw out some wild bird food for the sparrows, cardinals, and other birds.

Once back in the house it’s time to tell hubby goodbye and head out. It’s 6:45 a.m!

I hope that by sharing my routine you are able to create your own so that your mornings are low stress and you are NEVER LATE FOR WORK AGAIN!

"Good mornings are key to good days." Click To Tweet

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2 thoughts on “Never Be Late for Work AGAIN!”

  1. Fantastic routine! I definitely am NOT a morning person either! I still make it in OK, but I’m not happy until after my coffee and around lunchtime when I can eat LOL! 🙂

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