Easter is coming

Easter is Coming!

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I love hosting and Easter is coming! We’re hosting family this year! It’s a casual gathering where everyone will do different things. Some will hike, some may fish, others will feed the horses, cows, and donkeys. Everyone will visit and enjoy being outside. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates!

In preparation, I get out my planning list!

The venue is set, our house. We just have to get it cleaned and set up. There are extra tables and chairs in the barn! We are good there.!

What did I do for invitations? Phone calls, a perk of inviting family! I sent text messages to follow up.

I am going to cook a ham and some homemade rolls…YUM! Everything else my guests will be bring. (Full menu at the bottom.) Food will be set up buffet style so everyone can eat when they are hungry, between activities. The food will be out and ready at 2 p.m. This gives everyone a time to arrive although the invitation is open to show up anytime prior to 2 p.m. This designation of time ensures that everyone has their dishes on the counter and ready to eat by a specified time.

The guys need to know when everything will be there so they can eat! LOL!

When I host this type of pot-luck gathering, everyone brings their dish cooked prior to arrival and if it needs to be kept warm they bring it in a slow-cooker. No one wants to spend time in the kitchen when there are donkeys and horses to pet, trails to hike, or fish to be caught!

I’ll set up a drink station in the kitchen and a table for desserts in the dining room. Paper plates and plastic-ware will be a must!

Easter Menu:

Download my hosting checklist.

Are you hosting Easter? What is on your menu? Check out my recipe page for ideas!

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