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Chicken Coop Condo / Putting Baby Chicks in the Coop

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Putting baby chicks in the coop and introducing them to the flock can be tricky, so I have learned. They need to be introduced slowly so the other hens accept them and allow them in the “pecking order”.

We added four Leghorn chickens to our flock in April. They were my birthday gift! Baby chicks are so cute and fuzzy! They were very popular at our family Easter gathering.

Introducing Ginger, Mary, Ann, & Mrs. Howell

Well, that was two months ago and they have outgrown their tub brooder so we modified the big girls’ coop and added a chick condo!

putting baby chicks in coop

My wonderful husband framed out three feet on the floor from the nesting box closest to the door. He then made the “walls” and “ceiling” from hardware cloth.

putting baby chicks in coop

He added a roosting bar in the nesting box and covered the top with more “> hardware cloth to prevent escape attempts while collecting eggs.

putting baby chicks in coop

We are now ready to put the baby chicks in the coop!

Now my Road Island Red ladies can get acquainted with my Leghorn girls! Things seem to be going well.

Using a dog kennel/crate, I let my babies get some sunshine next to the chicken run. They seem to enjoy the time outside of the coop and the big girls can get used to seeing them outside as well as inside the coop.

I had to turn the crate upside down because the bottom wholes were big enough for the to escape through when moving it!

How do you introduce baby chicks to your flock? Share your experiences in the comments!

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