self care is a sign of strength

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Self care – A Sign of Strength

Self Care is a sign of strength, not weekness. As a strong woman this is something I had to learn to accept. It is not what society teaches.

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I remember being a teenager and scurrying through the kitchen in my bathrobe, my dad stopping me and giving me a hug. He told me I need to slow down.

As a high school student in band and working part time, my day would start with band at 7:30 a.m. and end with getting home from work at 9:30 p.m. or so. Staying busy is what I did. That morning is one of my favorite memories of my dad, he was a wise man.

Through the years, I realize that advice is some of the best. SLOW DOWN!

So if you are constantly busy, wishing for more hours in the day, I say to you, slow down! Take time for yourself. You will find that you are better when your emotional, mental, and physical health is a priority.

You are important
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone you love making you feel special, because you are. Remember, self care is a sign of strength, not weakness!

Chivalry is NOT dead

Steve and I have only been married a little over three years. While dating, I began to realize how nice it is when he opens doors for me. Allowing him to do that does not diminish my independence or make me weak. He likes opening doors for me and doing little things to make me feel special.

You are special in the eyes of those who love you.

We allow each other time to do things we enjoy that the other may not. He will go to his shed and tinker or ride his motorcycle. I go get a pedicure or binge @Netflix shows he does not like. This is an example of how we help each other with self care.

We make time for what is important. YOU are important!

self care

Don’t stay up after putting the kids to bed to do laundry and housework. Enjoy that quiet time to read a book, take a hot bath, or whatever helps you relax and take care of yourself. The laundry and housework isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately. It is not the end of the world.

I find myself telling my mom to do this on a regular basis. She says she can’t sit down and sew or work on a craft project because she needs to do laundry or something. I wish she would do more for herself, I truly believe her overall health would improve if she did.

Self care will help to alleviate stress, something we could all do with less of. Stress has a negative effect on our minds and our bodies. Why do so many allow it to take a hold of us? I guess that is the million dollar question. Do not let stress take away your power over your mind and body.

Self care can be through simplifying your morning routine, finding time to set your intentions for the day. When you join my email list you will get a free copy of my 5 Simple Steps to a Good Morning. All of my posts on time management and self care can be found here.

7 Signs you need to FOCUS on Self Care

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5 thoughts on “Self Care – A Sign of Strength”

  1. Very nicely written. I loved the story with your father. It might seem like a simple lesson but yet so important. Thank you for sharing

  2. Hi it’s Brenda from Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else and forget about ourselves. Thanks for the reminder that we are also important. I have to remember that I can’t give to others before I take care of myself – kind of like you have to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping someone else with theirs.

  3. All women need to read this. Very important, women can get martyr like saying they do everything for everyone. But that can cause resentment. Then kids think it is ok to treat them less respectful. Nice read

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