quarantine and homeschooling

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Quarantine and Homeschooling

Since we are all basically under quarantine and so many are homeschooling and working from home, here are some tips that I hope will help. Don’t forget about practicing self-care, too!

While I have thought about working from home I never took the plunge. In my field (outside of blogging) it is really not the norm. Yet, here I am, working from home. As I muddle through what working at home looks life for me I have come up with some tips to increase productivity for me and for homeschooling.

Homeschooling Mornings

Good Morning

Continue their/your morning routine. (Get my morning planner here.) It now looks a little different, I know. Let them sleep a little later but everyone should start their day as usual. That is what am I doing now that I work from home.

I don’t exactly put on my make up or do my hair as though I am going into work, but I do brush my teeth and wash my face. Ponytails have made a comeback, definitely.

Once all that is done and I eat breakfast, I mosey over to the desk and boot up my laptop. I check emails, the calendar, and make a to-do list of what I need to accomplish for the day.

Movement is very important, so I try to get up and walk around every hour or so, my watch tells me to. My co-worker, aka my dog, reminds me to get up and move too, because he wants to go outside.

I am trying to keep to somewhat of a schedule, which if you find yourself homeschooling right now I recommend.

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Structure is key to successful learning, even in homeschooling.

There is definitely an adjustment period for both parents and students during this quarantine.You will figure out this homeschooling thing. Along with everything don’t forget about self-care!

Movement for kids is essential. Don’t expect them to sit and work for long periods of time. At school they are used to changing subjects or classes every 45-60 minutes.

Plan lunch at the usual time your kids eat at school. This will help them in their routine and cut down on boredom/avoidance snacking.

Keep in mind that kids don’t work on the same thing for hours while at school They have a time for math, reading, etc. This is all broken up with PE, art, music, lunch. Try to do the same.

Give them a task list and let them choose the order in which they complete it. This allows them a sense of ownership over their learning which will encourage them to work. Kids like choices!

Let them go outside, even during quarantine.

Nature is full of learning opportunities. Obviously there is the opportunity for physical activity. The fresh air is invaluable to their immune systems as well.

Get outside

Have them count the birds or draw them. See how many different grasses or weeds they can find. They can then research those and see which ones, if any, are eatable or what purpose they serve in the ecosystem.

Teach math in the kitchen.

The kitchen offers numerous opportunities to practice math. Fractions, conversions, equations to name a few. Example: One serving of macaroni is 1/2 cup. In a family of 5, if everyone eats 1 1/2 servings, how many servings (cups) should be prepared?

quarantine homeschooling

Science is all over the kitchen too.

What are the different temperatures that plain water vs. salt water boil. Does the amount of salt change the boiling point?

Teach re-purposing. Can that _____ you are about to put in the trash be reused for something? Has it been used completely?

Book Club

Have time set aside each day for reading. It really doesn’t matter what they read, as long as they are practicing the skill. Have conversations with them where they tell you about what they have read. Not all proof of learning and comprehension is written.

Life skills

Show your older kids what budgeting and paying bills looks like while homeschooling. I think we try to shield them from these things but they are life skills we all need. I know it would have been nice to have a class in high school that covered these things. Now is a great time to teach them to your kids.

With the unknown of what this crisis will do to our economy, when would be a better time to teach budgets than when income is changing do to unemployment.

You got this!

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If your kids work a total of 4 hours on school work, you have done a good job. They are accomplishing what they need to for the day.

Don’t let the fear of letting your kids down during this quarantine and homeschooling prevent you from making the most of this time together. It should be a positive time spent with your kids.

By now you have probably come to the conclusion that I am a teacher. I usually keep my teaching career separate from my blogging but I feel like I can help through blogging about my experiences as a teacher in this unique situation we all find ourselves in.

We will get through quarantine and homeschooling…together!

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