DIY 15 minute face mask

Make your own Face Mask in 15 Minutes (or less)

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Here is a quick, 15 minute face mask. A sewing machine will make this easier but it could be hand sewn. With cities and counties beginning to require people to cover their face in public, it looks like we all need one. (or two, or three…) These are machine washable and dry-able but do not put it in the microwave! It contains a metal pipe cleaner.

Face Mask…ugh

I am extremely claustrophobic and hate having my face covered. But, apparently I am going to have to deal with wearing a face mask if I want to leave my house.

I have been doing pretty good at staying home, only getting out to go to the grocery or feed store. Oh, wait, we’ve been to the home improvement store a couple of times, too. We have been working on some of those projects we need to get finished. My garden has also required a trip or two.

DIY Masks

Over the last couple of weeks I have experimented with making face masks. I have a couple that work, but I really don’t like, and they were not very easy to make. After trial and error I have found the technique I like and it is super quick and easy.

When I wore mine to the herb store the other day,I even got some orders to make some to sell. I consider that a win!

Making more than expected, I have streamlined the process so it will only take about 15 minutes or less to make one. That includes time to cut your fabric and then sew.

Items you need:

face mask

right sides together
Place the fabric rights sides together
face mask

Sew one 9 inch side together, then sew the other 9 inch side together leaving a 2 inch opening.

2 inch opening
2 inch opening along one side
You will use this opening to turn the mask right side out.

Pin the elastic

pin elastic

Place the elastic inside the mask up against on seam.

pin elastic 2

Pin through the elastic and both pieces of fabric.

elastic inside

Do the same for the other end of elastic, be sure it does not get twisted.

Sew the 6 inch ends closed. Be sure to back-stitch over the elastic to reinforce.

Turn the face mask right side out!

 face mask
pinch pleates

About an inch from the opening, pinch and roll the first pleat. You will do this twice.

pin pleats on both ends

Pin both ends of each pleat.

nest pleats

Pleats should nest so they are not to bulky.

insert pipe cleaner

Insert pipe cleaner into opening. Center the pipe cleaner and pin the opening closed.

face mask
Pin the opening closed and mark the ends of the pipe cleaner with another pin.

Sew around the face mask

Begin sewing around the face mask on the 6 inch side to the right of the pipe cleaner. Securing the pipe cleaner in place and sewing the opening will be the last side you sew.

right of pipe cleaner

Once you have sewn all the way around the mask, back track along the top to the end of the pipe cleaner. Turn and stitch down 3.

face mask

Turn and stitch the length of the pipe cleaner; then turn at the end and stitch 3. Back stitch and you are done!

Congrats! You have completed your own

15 Minute Face Mask!

DIY 15 minute face mask

Video Instructions

With everything going on in the world right now be sure to take time for yourself. Read my posts on Self-Care for tips.

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