self care makes you stronger

Self Care Makes You Stronger

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Self care makes you stronger. You can not take care of others unless you take care of yourself. It is so easy in today’s society to forget that. So often we are made to feel guilty if we put ourselves first and this is simply not true.

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Hopefully, a good thing will come out of these stay at home orders, people will realize that self care is important and that it also looks different for everyone.

Take some time and figure out what self care looks like for you. What allows you to focus on YOU? Remember, self care is not selfish. Self care makes you stronger.

Slow down and take time for yourself

If you are constantly busy, wishing for more hours in the day, I say to you, slow down! Take time for yourself. You will find that you are better when your emotional, mental, and physical health is a priority.

Self care is not a sign of weakness

As a strong woman this is something I had to learn to accept. It is not what society teaches. Weakness is not allowing yourself the time you need to recharge and meet your own needs. Be strong and take charge of your self care, show the world your strength.

Calm the mind

Taking just a few moments to focus on your breathing will allow you to calm your mind. This helps prevent feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Most of us always have a cell phone or other device within reach, I know that I always do. It is so easy to stare at our phone whenever there is a lull in conversation. Social media or email seems to constantly be calling to us.

Learning to ignore the impulse to pick up my phone and take those quiet, rare moments to focus on my breathing and calm my mind is something I work on daily.

Self care will help to alleviate stress

Stress has a negative effect on our minds and our bodies. Why do so many allow it to take a hold of us? I guess that is the million dollar question.

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You are special in the eyes of those who love you.

Let the ones who care about you help you take care of yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone you love making you feel special, because you are. Remember, self care makes you stronger!

We make time for what is important. YOU are important!

self care

Don’t stay up after putting the kids to bed to do laundry and housework. Enjoy that quiet time to read a book, take a hot bath, or whatever helps you relax and take care of yourself. The laundry and housework isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately. It is not the end of the world, either.

Self care can be through simplifying your morning routine, finding time to set your intentions for the day. When you join my email list you will get a free copy of my 5 Simple Steps to a Good Morning. All of my posts on time management and self care can be found here.

7 Signs you need to FOCUS on Self Care

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16 thoughts on “Self Care Makes You Stronger”

  1. I agree πŸ’― with you, we all need to slow down and watch out for ourselves so we stay good for others but mostly ourselves. Thanks for sharing Shelly πŸ‘πŸΌ

    1. Yes, Kristyn. Just today I had to make myself put down my phone and just be present in the moment. I’ve become even more addicted to it since I started my blog, I have found. I really need those breaks away from it.

  2. This post really resonated with me. I am trying to do so much self care during this quarantine. I hope that I can do enough to make it a habit, so that I don’t even stop to think about it once life returns to normal. Self care really is so important, and I’m glad you are spreading that message!

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