self care is not selfish

Self Care Is Not Selfish

Self care is not selfish and is essential for overall well being, physically and mentally. Everyone should take time each day to take care of themselves.

Self care looks different for each of us. For some it is quiet time in the morning, for others it is meditation or yoga. It could be treating yourself to a massage or a pedicure. Some people take a nap, maybe read a book. You could even play hookey and stay home from work. Sometimes it is simply saying “no” to others who want to add more to your plate.

There are times that I neglect my self care, like everyone does. For example, when I find myself feeling overly tired when I shouldn’t or I become irritable I stop and reflect on what I am doing to take care of myself. It is very easy in today’s society to neglect ourselves because we get so wrapped up in taking care of others during the hustle and bustle of life.

As a result. when you find yourself in this situation, pause and make time for you. A long, hot shower, going to bed early to read, taking a walk, loving on a pet, or just sitting quietly will enable to refocus and feel better. Remember…self care is not selfish!

The first step to self care is identifying the different ways it looks for you.

Consequentially, taking care of ourselves results our immune system is naturally stronger. This will cut down on getting sick by not being susceptible to germs, viruses, or diseases.

Find Help

Help can be found in confiding in close friends or family. Anyone that will not judge you and will keep your conversations private and confidential. While some people have a good, healthy circle where this relationship can be found, if you need outside help don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for it

You can find online counseling here.

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