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Donkey & Me!

Welcome to The SO & SO Life. I am Shelly Osborn and my husband, Steve, and I recently moved from the city life in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to 300 acres in the country. We lease the original 100 year old house on 3/4 acre of the ranch. We are loving the country life!

We are starting a garden, so looks for posts about that journey. It has been a while since I have had a garden and he has never had one. It is a raised bed garden since our land is extremely rocky. Wish us luck!

We have a small (6) flock of chickens, a donkey, and a dog. I’ll be posting about all of those adventures, chickens and guineas are new for us and we are learning a lot. We built the coop ourselves partly from scrap we had laying around or were given. I’ll tell you more about that in posts about chickens.

The house has a wonderfully large kitchen so I have been doing more cooking and experimenting. I will be sharing my success stories.

We are too far from town for a “fast food run” or pizza delivery so I have fully embraced meal planning. I was surprised at the stress relief that comes with being prepared during the week. We both have full time jobs so planning has become essential.

A couple of years ago I discovered coconut oil and it’s versatility. I tried some projects I found online, some of them I liked, others not so much. So, I have begun experimenting with my own lotions and lip balms. I will share the ones that work!

While recovering from surgery in 2017, I began sewing and embroidering. I had tried it before years and years ago but it just wasn’t my thing back then. I am really enjoying it now and even made the seat cover for Steve’s motorcycle. Check out my sewing posts for other projects.

As I said, we built our chicken coop. Steve can build just about anything. He just finished building a shed. I’ll share how he did it and other projects he is working on.

Getting this blog up and going has been a challenge for me. I thought I was pretty tech savvy but I have found out I have a lot to learn. If you are thinking about starting your own blog check out posts about my experience to hopefully help and encourage you on your way.

What would you like to read about? Drop me a line and let me know!

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